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Yoruba Heritage and Language School, Saskatoon Inc is a non-profit vocational school that sets out to preserve, retain and transit the rich Heritage and culture of the Yoruba race. The birth of now known Yoruba Heritage and Language school commences with then abject challenge encountered by the early Yoruba family settler in Saskatoon at the herculean task of inculcating and retaining the various heritage norms and practice into its growing young generations. 

The school opened its doors to the first set of students in Sept 2005 as a non-profit language school known then as Yoruba Language school with the sole aim of rigorous training channeled towards enriching its participants with free flow knowledge of basic speaking and writing of the language. 

With the massive explosion in students population and interest; and in tune with various societal challenges; the need to add on Yoruba heritage knowledge becomes imperative. Thus, the restructuring and widening of the scope of the school bring about the new Yoruba Heritage and Language school Inc in 2020.

The school runs modules curriculum-based programs which are duly accredited and regulated by appropriate arms of the Ministry of Education and supervised by both the Saskatchewan Association of International Languages (SAIL) with coordination support from Saskatchewan Intercultural Organization (SIA) in a classroom contact-based model.


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Physical Address: 1904 Clarence Ave S, Saskatoon, SK